7 Essential Tips for Smooth ATM Installation
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Installing an ATM can seem daunting for first time ATM deployers, but it should be an exciting milestone on your way to earning passive income with your ATM business. While the process involves several important steps, it’s quite straightforward if you know what to expect. Here are 7 tips to help ensure your ATM installation goes smoothly:

Choose the Right Location:

Finding an optimal ATM spot is crucial. It should be convenient for customers in a high-traffic area, but also secure and difficult for criminals to access. Look for well-lit locations away from doors/windows with a clear path to the ATM. The machine needs to be visible to employees/cameras but sheltered from break-ins.

Ensure Accessibility:

To comply with ADA guidelines the ATM area must be wheelchair accessible with at least 30×48 inches of clear floor space in front. The machine’s highest keypad should be no more than 48 inches from the ground.

Maximize Security:

Bolt the ATM securely to the ground and limit access to the cabinet’s rear/sides if possible to deter tampering. Install security cameras and advertise surveillance.

Set Up Connectivity:

Have a dedicated Ethernet cable or consider a wireless device to ensure reliable communication for transactions. This prevents issues from shared/disrupted service.

Load Sufficient Cash:

Start with $2,000-$3,000 cash to allow for withdrawals until you can assess typical demand through transaction monitoring. Preventing cash outages is critical.

Market the ATM:

Add clear signage and consider promotions to drive awareness and usage of your new ATM.

Test Thoroughly:

Always test transactions after installation and cash loads to identify any errors before customers encounter issues. This should be done at home before the insatll.

While you can likely handle the process solo after the first machine, seeking professional installation assistance initially can provide invaluable training. But with some preparation, you’ll be earning ATM revenue before you know it!


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