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We work with business owners and property managers to create ATM placement plans . As your partner, Greenpoint ATMS handles all ATM-related costs including installation, processing, cash handling, upkeep, and support services

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The Benefits of Adding an ATM to Your Business

Boost Customer Convenience

An on-site ATM offers customers the ultimate convenience – immediate access to cash. Wherever you operate – be it a retail outlet, restaurant, or gas station – an easily accessible ATM allows patrons to get the cash they need then and there, without hunting down a bank or external machine. This convenience puts money in hand, which can spur impromptu buys and more foot traffic over time. Ultimately, the ease and availability of an in-house ATM translates into higher sales and revenue for your business.

Increase Impulse Purchases

Research shows people spend more actual cash than virtual credit. An in-house ATM gives your customers instant access to physical money, priming them for spur-of-the-moment purchases. Cash in hand triggers that primeval financial brain, encouraging shoppers to grab impulse buys, splurge on treats, and take home items they may have passed on with plastic alone. By delivering cash on demand, your ATM can unlock higher transaction volumes and enhanced revenue.

Save On Credit Card Processing Fees

While digital payments are now standard, the processing fees can steadily eat into business profits. An on-site ATM encourages cash transactions. Greenpoint ATM Solutions  shares the convenience fees with you, transforming the machine into a set-and-forget revenue generator. This hands-off cash back can offset credit card charges over time, padding your bottom line with passive income. Ultimately, an in-house ATM minimizes payment overhead while delivering an easy boost to your cash flow.

Attract And Retain Customers

Modern business demands constant innovation to compete and retain loyal customers. An in-house ATM can provide that competitive edge. With convenience now a major driver, ready cash access attracts new visitors while encouraging repeat business. Unlike rivals, your outlet becomes the one-stop venue that meets every need. This bundling of banking ease and shopping satisfies customer expectations, earning their regular returned. Ultimately, a store-based ATM helps entice and continually engage valuable patrons.

Generate Additional Revenue

An on-site ATM provides more than just savings on plastic processing—it delivers pure revenue. Every cash withdrawal triggers a convenience fee paid by the patron. As your ATM partner, we share these automatic surcharges, effortlessly converting your machine into a passive profit fountain.

How It Works


We will review your business needs and pinpoint the ideal ATM placement on your property to maximize convenience and revenue.


Our technicians will handle the full ATM setup at your location, seamlessly incorporating it into your business.

Maintenance & Support

We will take care of all necessary ATM maintenance, software upgrades, and technical assistance to ensure maximum uptime and performance.

Revenue Sharing

A portion of the ATM’s transaction fees will automatically be paid to you on an ongoing basis, effortlessly generating revenue for your business.

Customizable ATM Plans For Virtually Every Business

Getting started with an ATM placement through Greenpoint ATM is simple and fast. Provide some basic information about your business or property, and if it’s a fit, we’ll customize an ATM plan to maximize your earnings. Reach out now to discuss eligibility. We’re ready to help you benefit from a profitable ATM.

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