Our Services

We offer a complimentary ATM installation program to help businesses increase revenue streams. By handling ATM placement and maintenance at no cost to you, we aim to provide a win-win solution driving new customer traffic to your location

At Greenpoint ATM Solutions, we provide free ATM placement at events, offering attendees seamless access to cash. Our goal is to enhance the overall event experience by making it hassle-free for visitors to purchase goods, enjoy services, and fully engage in the event atmosphere.

Keep 100% of your surcharge. We provide ATM processing with daily cash settlement and weekend settlement on Mondays for maximum convenience. Greenpoint Atm Solutions is connected to all major debit and credit card networks, including Plus, Visa, Cirrus, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Pulse, NYCE,

We provide leading ATM models from renowned manufacturers such as Hyosung and Genmega. These reliable and user-friendly machines help create smooth, hassle-free transactions for your customers.