Top 10 Locations to Place Your ATMs

As the owner of an ATM business, finding the right locations for your ATMs is key to driving revenue and profits. While some high-traffic spots like malls, stadiums, and casinos can be challenging to get into, there are plenty of other locations that are relatively easy targets. Here are the top 10 locations where you can likely get your ATMs placed without too much difficulty:

Convenience Stores/Gas Stations

These retail locations are always looking for ways to drive more foot traffic and sales. Having an ATM on-site provides valuable customer service.


Many dining and drinking establishments welcome ATMs, especially if they don’t accept credit cards or have a cover charge.


Both luxury and budget hotels often want to offer ATM access as an amenity for their guests.

Grocery Stores

Supermarkets and local grocery stores can be good options, especially if there isn’t an ATM option inside already.

Retail Shops

Various retail stores, such as liquor stores, vape shops, and clothing boutiques, may be interested in hosting an ATM.

College Campuses

Universities and community colleges are often great locations if you can rent space, as students are a prime audience.

Office Buildings

Office parks, multi-tenant office buildings, and medical buildings can work well, especially those with limited bank branches nearby.

Recreation Centers

Gyms, bowling alleys, arcades, and other entertainment venues tend to need conveniently located ATMs.

Transit Hubs

Bus stations, train depots, and some airport locations can be solid high-traffic ATM spots.


Look into setting up portable or temporary ATMs at festivals, fairs, sporting events, and conferences.

The key is identifying locations that have solid foot traffic but may not have an obvious bank or ATM option nearby. Do your research, sell the benefits to potential hosts, and you’ll have an ATM business up and running in no time!


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